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Let us take away the worry and hassle of insurance network applications and revalidations to insure that you network status remains active.  We will keep up with the changing rules of CMS, Medicaid and Commercial Insurance Carriers to insure that your billing is submitted clean and processed quickly. All of these important duties increase your income and decrease your unpaid claims to insure that you are being paid the correct reimbursement for the services you are providing.

Who Does BHBAC Work With?

BHBAC has experience providing Billing and Credentialing support for a wide range of behavioral health providers that include Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Certified Professional Counselors. We also provide services for group practices, facilities and specialty programs like Outpatient Mental Health Clinics (OMHC), Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) and Certified Substance Abuse Programs.

Choose BHBAC because we are professionals who have experience working for and with behavioral health providers and agencies. Let us take away the headache of paperwork and phone calls with insurance carriers. BHBAC can obtain updates on credentialing status and approval times. With our vast experience we are able to give our providers accurate patient eligibility and benefit information which increases collections. BHBAC can help providers obtain payments faster with our seamless electronic claim submission and payment processing. We can help you manage your finances and make business decisions with our monthly billing and collections reports and custom reports for your business needs.

Behavioral Health Billing and Credentialing

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